Shut-Eye helps you get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up rejuvenated.   Our all natural, non-addictive herbal ingredients have been safely used for centuries around the world to help people relax and enjoy deep sleep.   A carefully crafted formulation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, traditional herbs and botanical ingredients that work together synergistically to help provide quick, deep and restful sleep… with no “grogginess.”


SLEEP WELL, WAKE REFRESHED! – Shut-Eye is an all-natural complex to help adults calm anxiety, ease restlessness, and relax you into a deep, restful, all-night sleep. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the day without the ‘grogginess’ you can get from many sleep aids.



HELPS ELIMINATE THE EFFECTS OF CAFFEINE! –   Our unique formula includes the most potent traditional sleep botanical remedies, but also includes the Caffeine eliminating Rutaecarpine.  You will be surprised at how quickly and how deeply you can sleep when the stimulative effects of Caffeine are neutralized.  IF Coffee energizes you during the day…. THEN Shut-Eye needs to offset that and dial you down in the evening.


ALL-NATURAL, DRUG-FREE SOLUTION – You can rest assured knowing that Shut-Eye is made with natural, non-habit forming ingredients (unlike prescription solutions like Ambien)  that have been used safely for Centuries!  You can expect the best sleep of your life, without worrying about the nasty side effects or harsh chemicals that other sleeping pills sometimes have.  
SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY USED FOR CENTURIES – We enjoy combining the ancient wisdom of Greece, Rome, Egypt and Eastern herbal traditions with modern scientific research to bring customers superior, herbal blends which include Vitamins AND Minerals. Adding just the right amount of each ingredient to maximize customer results is our passion. You will be surprised at how energized you’ll feel every morning after you’ve gotten a great night’s sleep. Have more productive mornings, and get your day started off right!


Main ingredients and what they do:

RUTAECARPINE– (from the Evodia fruit)   Has recently been clinically shown to help the body metabolize and eliminate caffeine, helping reduce its stimulative effects.  Has been safely used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine under the name “Wu Zhu Yu”. 1, 2


MELATONIN– A necessary natural hormone normally created by the Pineal gland to regulate sleep cycles.  Additional benefits include being an antioxidant and free radical scavenger that supports the immune system.  Throughout the day melatonin levels will oscillate up and down in what is called the Circadian Rhythm. The Circadian Rhythm is an important biological function that helps us go to sleep easily, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested and alert. 3, 4


VALERIAN ROOT–   In ancient Greece, before the Fifth Century BC, if one suffered from insomnia it may have been considered a punishment from Hypnos, the god of sleep.  However, during the Fifth Century BC, Hippocrates voiced the belief that diseases came from natural causes rather than from the gods or “superstition” (and was imprisoned for 20 years for this belief).  Today he is thought of as the founder of Western medicine and was one of the first to describe the medicinal properties of valerian root.  Later, Galen, a Roman physician and philosopher, was the first to use valerian root as a cure for insomnia. 5, 6


CHAMOMILE–  Herb traditionally used to calm anxiety and relax muscles and as a mild, relaxing sleep aid. 7, 8


L – TRYPTOPHAN–  An  essential amino acid. After absorbing L-tryptophan (from food or supplements), our bodies produce serotonin (which functions to regulate our moods and sleep patterns).   It is thought that tryptophan brings on sleep by raising levels of serotonin in the brain. Not only can tryptophan help those unable to fall asleep, it can also help those unable to wake up. A study found that taking tryptophan before going to bed can also improve alertness upon waking in the morning. 9, 10, 11


L-THEANINE– An amino acid that is known for its relaxing properties, but which does not have sedative properties.  Normally found in green tea (which has been used for over 5000 years in traditional Chinese medicine). 12, 13, 14


GABA– A “neuro-inhibitory transmitter” produced naturally in our brains to help relax and calm our minds.   It also happens to be in charge of regulating“muscle tone.” 15, 16, 17



PASSION FLOWER– Botanical used for centuries in herbal tradition for it’s calming effects- perfect for encouraging a deep, restful night’s sleep. Has also clinically shown promise in reducing anxiety in opiate addiction withdrawal. 18, 19



LEMON BALM– History of this herb from the mint family can be traced back to Ancient Greece and thru the Middle Ages, where it’s soothing qualities were used to promote relaxation and healthy sleep. 20, 21, 22



HOPS– Most recognized for its bitter taste and use in brewing beer, hops has also been used to promote a good night’s sleep since Medieval Europe, when manual laborers in the hops field were often caught falling asleep on the job! 23, 24



MAGNESIUM (CITRATE)–  An essential mineral for the normal functioning of the cells, nerves, muscles, bones and heart.  Has been used to promote restful sleep for it’s calming and relaxing properties.  This is a “master” mineral that affects hundreds of chemical relationships in the body. 25, 26, 27


VITAMIN B6 (Pyridoxine HCL)–   Pyridoxine is required for the proper function of sugars, fats, and proteins in the body. It is also required for the proper growth and development of the brain, nerves, skin, and many other parts of the body including the immune system.  It also is believed to have a positive effect on the REM dream cycle. 28, 29, 30



5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a naturally occurring amino acid and precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in enhancing mood.  When combined with GABA,  5-HTP can reduce the amount of time needed to fall asleep. 5-HTP also increases serotonin levels, which in turn increases melatonin levels since melatonin is a metabolic product of serotonin. 31, 32


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