We Believe in High Quality, Natural Nutrition

Natural Nutrition Works was founded with the goal to change lives through high-quality, natural nutrition. Everything we do, every decision we make, every product we offer, and every ingredient we use are all a reflection of that goal, making us highly focused on the change we bring to this world.

Optimal health has always been our vision from the start and we believe it truly shows in our products. We consciously select the purest, most beneficial ingredients to promote the most optimal health in your body.

When it comes to our products, we have a simple philosophy. We only make products that we’d be proud to recommend to our closest family and friends. Anything less than that, we won’t even consider it. If it’s not something that we can wholeheartedly give to our loved ones, we simply won’t make it.

It’s the small changes over time that truly make an impactful change. That’s why we obsessively focus on the tiniest, most seemingly unimportant details in our products to confidently offer the best nutrition possible.

Some examples of these details range from us using costly (and beneficial) Fulvic acid in order to increase the bio-availability of the calcium in our Rapid Bone Repair formula, to using the most superior and bioavailable form of magnesium (Magnesium Citrate) to offer maximum relaxation and bio-availability benefits.

In addition to that, 100% of our products are non-GMO and made in NSF and GMP Certified facilities in the USA, adhering to the most strict regulations enforced by the FDA.

We simply want to help people be healthier and happier versions of themselves—a mission we’ve had from the beginning. We hope that you’ll join us on this mission and experience true health and happiness.

We Believe in Honesty and Transparency

Natural Nutrition Works has always been about transparency. We believe you have the right to know exactly what’s inside the product you’re ordering, how it’s made, and all the ways it will make your life better. We don’t hide anything behind the label and make sure we’re as upfront as possible about our ingredients, products, ethics, and core values.

One of most important areas of transparency for us is the ingredients section on our product labels. Our labels will always clearly show every individual ingredient and amount inside, so you know exactly what’s behind the label of the product you’re getting.

You may think this is true for all supplement labels, but unfortunately it’s very common for other companies to hide ingredients on their labels by listing them as “Proprietary Blends.” This allows them to mask the amounts of individual ingredients and only list the total amount of the blend, so you have no idea if the product has 1mg or 1,000mg of an ingredient.

On top of that, not all, but many other companies use lower quality ingredients to cut costs, use off-the-shelf formulas, often make false claims to sell more product, and treat their customers on a transactional basis.

Another way other companies “fool” people is by listing the amount of product INPUT, rather than the YIELD of product.   For example, Calcium citrate is 21% elemental calcium, so to get 500mg of calcium (yield) you must put in over 2500mg of Calcium citrate (Input).   Many companies will list the input value, and the unknowlegeable customer thinks that they are getting a description of the yield.   At Natural Nutrition Works we only list the yields of our products.

We’ve worked hard to make sure Natural Nutrition Works is nothing like those other supplement companies. We greatly value honesty and transparency and prefer to treat our customers on a relationship basis where we’ll be there for you anytime you need us. To us, a happy customer is worth more than anything else.

We Believe in Optimal Health and Wellness

We do not believe that humans are on this planet to be un-healthy or to just “squeak by.”  …    We believe that using natural nutrition and healing methods one can reap optimal health and have an abundant life.

When over 50% of our population is obese and many die from heart issues– it doesn’t take much to see that high-quality nutrition is needed now more than ever.

Natural Nutrition Works is committed to encouraging a healthy and positive lifestyle in every person we reach. The combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and high quality nutritional supplements allows optimal health and wellness to truly flourish.

We Believe in Helping Those in Need

10% of children worldwide do not have access to clean, healthy drinking water. Together, we can change that.

We are proudly working with Charity Water, our nonprofit partner, to provide clean water  to pregnant women, new mothers, and children in need. A portion of profits from each Natural Nutrition Works product you purchase directly impacts global health by helping to supply those most at-risk with access to life changing clean water.

Visit www.CharityWater.org to see how you can help us make a difference.